Press Reviews

Lessons in Artisanal Fishing from the Kolis of Maharashtra

– August 21, 2020

Through his archival project ‘Let there be Bounty Everyday’, Parag Tandel highlights the sustainable living practices of the indigenous Koli community, and lessons we can take away for a post-pandemic life.

Tales from a Koli Kitchen

– August 4, 2020

Using his mothers recipes, a Thane-based artist is documenting culinary practices in his community and addressing questions on food security through a video series.

Tales from the Koliwada

– June 22, 2019

Kolis, Mumbai’s aboriginal fishing community, gets a retrospective look with a pop-up museum in Thane

– May 29, 2019

The exhibition was put up by the Tandel Fund of Archives — a public art project and a pool of archives which aims to gather and document information of the Son Koli communities in and around Mumbai

Pop-up museum in Thane pieces together life of fisherfolk community through photos.

– May 12, 2019

NEARLY 15 years after his death, 140 photographs from the collection of Dattatraya Mahadeo Koli, fondly known as ‘Diana’ in the Koli community of Thane’s Chendani Koliwada (where the Kolis live), is being exhibited at a pop-up museum of fisherfolk community of Mumbai.