TFA Gallery Cycle 1

Tandel Fund of Archives is proud to launch its Cycle 1 POP-UP MUSEUM. Photographs by Late.Shri Dattatray Mahadeo Thanekar (Diana), (1931-2004),Artist &Photographer.
(A Pop-Up museum of fisherfolk community of Mumbai at Khule Kaladalan, Thane)

The documented imagery is captured by Late Shri Dattatraya Mahadeo Koli better known as Diana in the Koli community of Chendani. Though he was considered as the marriage photographer in the community, he documented imagery on varied levels.

Mr Dattatray was very fond of photography and camera was very dear to him. Through his lens he has documented various events from the community which include his selfies, portraits of people, Gauri pujan, the wedding ceremonies, public and political meeting and his meetings with some of the Bollywood actors and actresses of the 19th century. It is said he was named Diana by the Bollywood community itself. His photographs give us glimpses of era where Nehruvian modern India was developing.

Chendani Bunder was basically merchandising mariners base majority of population of Chendani Koliwada worked on shipping business. Arrival of The first passenger train in India ran between Bombay (Bori Bunder) and Thane on 16th April 1853 changed livelihood of this small hamlet, people got connected to Bombay (Mumbai). It was major shift of occupation, they were exposed to the metropolitan city. These changes did affect the life of people in Chendani Koliwada compared to other Koliwada’s in Bombay. We feel this documentation is very much important.

Mr. Dattatraya is the first person whose contribution is documented in the Tandel Fund of archives whose imagery is very nostalgic and a remembrance of the old people and times.

Photographs by Late.Shri Dattatray Mahadeo Thanekar (Diana), (1931-2004), Artist & Photographer.