Public Art Projects

GoC [Geographies of Consumptions]: Wreckage Point

I was born and brought up in Thane, which is situated between two mountain ranges. To the east are Parsik hills and towards west are Yeor hills, it was obvious to have some relation with these mountains, and I am observing the consumption of east face of Parsik hills. Besides there has been a visual attachment to the landscape. I visited the site several times but could not document it as the access was controlled by anti social elements. One day I went from side to side through all mines which I was capable to see from exterior, and then I opt to step into one of the Mining office. It was well-mannered chat with the officials about the permission for snap imagery, and the concerned individual rejected the proposal. They said “if we see you photographing our site you will be xxxxxxxx”. So I went back and thought for some days, I thought why not devise this project in a tactful way by drawing myself nearer as an art teacher who wants to work with kids, and document this site through children and their free activities. I thought of devising these workshops in collaborative manner with other artist friends so that the children will get to know different outlook of artists who will visit them and each artist will intervene in her/his own creative way.
Artist Collaborators:
1. Kush Badhwar. (Experimental Filmmaker and Researcher). 2. Minal Damani.(Visual Artist). 3. R.B. Holle (visual artist). 4. Kadambari. Koli (Visual Art artsit andTeacher) 5. C. Ganacharya (Designer in T.O.I) 6. Mahendra. Konde (Marathi Poet) 7. Shubhangi Singh (Cinematographer). 8. Nikhil Purohit (Visual Artist and Poet) 9. Apurba Nandy (Sculptor)10. Children Of the world (NGO from Nerul, Navi Mumbai, India)

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Sandharbh – Completion of incomplete (2009)

This work was done in Partapur, Rajasthan, India. In the year 2009, I was invited for the site-specific workshop ‘sandarbh’ in Partapur Rajasthan India. Here in this small village I notice one residence which was ruined because of heavy downpour, it was a huge natural blow, inhabitants of residence had moved on to a rented residence. In reality, they were supposed to get a grant from the government, which was granted to them but not a soul in local municipal office responded and they were unnoticed. My idiom toward this sight was, I cleaned up residence reorganize objects present in the residence and coated entire residence by cow dung and mud and completed this residence by an act of coating, its custom to paint or coat house after it is fully constructed, I completed incomplete dream.

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Big Catch – 2011

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