Press Reviews

Once Upon a Time

– August 16, 2016

Artist Parag Tandel’s third solo shows how urbanisation has changed the character of Mumbai water bodies.

Casting for memories

– August 07, 2016

With his next exhibition, artist Parag Tandel brings to a Colaba gallery the realities of life in a koliwada — an existence that is competing with the money market as well as the death of marine life.

जलप्रदूषणाचं शिल्प-रूप

– August 18, 2016

The personal is the political

– June 22, 2019

Artist Parag Tandel’s art uses man-made resin to make a strong case for environmental protection.

Reminiscences of old city life

– May 04, 2010

Artist Parag Tandel goes down memory lane, highlights age-old manual household machines and more.


An artist by the sea

– July 26, 2020

Parag Tandel is a Mumbai based artist who draws inspiration from his Koli heritage. He was part of Art Bites #3 and shared great insight into his community and how that affects his practice. We chat more with the artist below.

Contemporary artist Parag Tandel

– May 12, 2019

Contemporary artist Parag Tandel derives inspiration from native sources and strives to decolonize art practices, starting with his own coastal village in Mumbai.