About Tandel Fund of Archives

Tandel Fund Of Archives

Tandel fund in Chendani Koliwada, Thane (a central suburb of Mumbai) was founded by Tandel Families at the beginning of the 14th century to help the Koli people economically during their period of necessity. We are resuming this fund in the context of a pool of archives. We are an artist collective, the Co-Founders of this collective are Parag Kamal Kashinath Tandel and Kadambari Koli-Tandel.

Son Koli tribes (fisherfolk) are original inhabitants of Greater Mumbai and Mumbai’s suburbs, their bloodlines on the seven islands stretch as far as back to the Stone Age. Currently, this community is going through post diaspora. There are more than forty Koliwada’s in and around Mumbai, each Koliwada has it’s own social and cultural practices. These villages are very much self-sufficient and self-sustaining lands, though the city has grown around them, these isolated villages have their own identities in Mumbai. An important part about Koliwada’s is they never depended on the city’s so-called basic infrastructures. Koliwada’s have there owned rich natural resources and cultural existence. But in recent times these Koliwada’s are being seen as the land of opportunity, these villages are sea-facing lands and others are discerning such lands as prime properties.

Can we imagine the fishermen community without ocean front? We are very much concerned about the proper & ethical documentation of these indigenous tribes, who’s culture is on a verge of extinction.

Tandel Fund of Archives is an socially engaged archives and ethnographic Pop-up museum of the Son Koli tribes (fisherfolk) of Mumbai, It is a pool of archives, which aims to gather and document information of fishermen communities in and around Greater Mumbai. The collective aims to work towards the exposure of this content through public art events in the social sphere which will be in the form of a Pop-Up community museum, It aims to forge connections with the local public sphere. We found there is no museum space of this indigenous people in this Megalopolis. Fishermen communities of Mumbai have a rich tradition and culture which needs to be documented and archived in various layers, The information collected in the pool will be accessible to the public for study, research, and interventions. TFA will closely collaborate with all the Koliwadas to archive information. Our aim is not just to work on historical documentation but also intervene in the contemporary. TFA aims to serve as an archival tool through which information and narratives of the community can be disseminated through various art forms, and act as a living museum of memory.

TFA looks forward to collaborations with the community as well as researchers and artists by organizing workshops/symposia, research camps, film screenings and pedagogical conferences that operate in the public sphere.